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Meltdown of Turkey's far-right nationalist party MHP

BİRGÜN DAİLY 17.07.2017 23:54
Meltdown of Turkey's far-right nationalist party MHP
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Turkey’s far right nationalist party MHP (Nationalist Movement Party) had been going through a gradual dissolving throughout the past decade.

While more solid indications of a greater meltdown of the party began to be felt especially after the 2015 national elections, the hardest blow on the party was caused by the support of the chair Devlet Bahçeli to the ruling party AKP and his change of position in 2016 towards the proposed presidential system of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Hundreds of provincial executives of the party, as well as some of the most prominent members with seats in the parliament who are now working on forming another party, have resigned since then. Some have been expelled.

Just within this past week, nearly a hundred executive members from the provinces of Denizli and Balıkesir announced their decision to resign from their posts and leave the party.

A great majority of the resignations - both individual and in mass - so far has been based on the members’ ‘discontent with the latest policies led by the highest board of executives of the party’, the resigning members explained.


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