BİRGÜN DAİLY 09.07.2017 11:27

Millions are expected to join the final rally of Justice March in Turkey’s İstanbul

Millions are expected to join the final rally of Justice March in Turkey’s İstanbul

The Justice March in Turkey, which was started in Ankara, on June 15, after the arrest of CHP MP Enis Berberoğlu, will be finalized with the grand Justice Meeting that will be held in İstanbul’s Maltepe district today (July 9).

The largest petition of the world is expected to be written in the meeting. It’s been reported that this petition will be regarding the journalists and academics jailed in the country illegally.

As over 1 and a half million citizens are expected to attend, preparations for the meeting continued in full-speed yesterday. As there will also be a live broadcast from the meeting site on giant screens, necessary setups are also being done.

Chair of CHP, Kemal Kılıçaroğlu, will start marching from Dragos at around 17:00 today and walk around 3 kilometers to meet the millions in the square at Maltepe seaside.

While people will be allowed to enter the site at 15:00, the meeting is planned to start at 18:00 in local time.

In addition to thousands of police officers, nearly 5000 private security guards of main opposition party CHP will also be on duty at various spots of the site for security.

Several civil groups and some opposition parties will also gather at places near the Maltepe coast and march to the site.

Among those groups are HDP (People’s Democratic Party); Emek Partisi (Labour Party); United Haziran (June) Movement; Halkevleri; DİSK (Confederation of Progressive Workers’ Union); TMMOB (Association of Chambers of Architects and Engineers of Turkey); TTB (Association of Turkish Medics).

Haziran will march with the purpose of demanding ‘equality, freedom, secularism, independence and justice’; Emek Party will be demanding a ‘democratic constitution and a democratic Turkey where people’s rights and freedoms are protected’; Halkevleri will march with the slogan of ‘bread for everyone; justice for everyone’; HDP will be there ‘to deepen the crack opened in the fascist government and to strengthen the fight for democracy’; DİSK members will march saying ‘jobs, bread, justice’; TMMOB (Association of Chambers of Architects and Engineers of Turkey); has vowed to march to ‘give support to the demand for justice’; TTB (Association of Turkish Medics) will be on the site to demand justice, ‘right to health, and valuing of health professionals in a country that is democratic and secular’.

Many artists and public figures have also expressed their support for the march and announced over social media that they, too, will be in Maltepe today.

Front-page article of BirGün published on 9 July 2017, Sunday with the headline of 'We are going to bring justice to this beautiful country'