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Music, to survive in prsion-like societies

BİRGÜN DAİLY 12.08.2017 18:38
Music, to survive in prsion-like societies
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BURAK ABATAY - @abatayburak

“We have so little to time to enter our hidden world we hide under the masks we have to wear everyday in order to survive in prison-like societies” says and invites musiclovers to Bodrum, Polish pianist and composer Możdżer.

Leszek Możdżer, one of the most prominent artist –maybe the most important jazz pianist and composer– from Poland. The famous pianist introduced his idiosyncratic style by combining classical music and jazz tunes. Diamond Award, which is one of the most prestigious jazz music awards, winning Możdżer is going to meet his fans on 15th of August, Tuesday, at MekanD-Marin, Turgutreis Amphitheatre, as a part of Bodrum Music Festival. We interviewed with Możdżer about Turkey before his concert.

When did your musical adventure begin?

My musical adventure started from the very beginning, because the sound is a part of all matter. DNA chain is a spiral and that’s why it is very vulnerable for resonance. The first ever studio reverbs were constructed with the use of a spiral. So we all are resonating with a lot of frequencies and a lot of frequencies we are producing ourselves. We do not hear it with our ears, but certain subtle structures are resonating and also producing vibrations. I seek harmony on frequencies which are been heard - then it turns into music, and with frequencies of emotions, intentions, desires - then it turns into my life. Every inner organ of the body has got its own vibrational pattern, that’s why it is actually called “an organ”. The vibration centre in human body is the heart, with the frequency of the heart we are able to modify or DNA code. I understand all my life as the music, this adventure would never be able without music.

I feel like you are cruising around in another world when I listen to your wonderful works or watch your live performances. What do you feel when you play your piano?

Music is an abstract language that’s why we can reach different states of mind while we play. We sometimes experience inspiration, intuition, and telepathy on stage. But those three processes can happen only when the mind is on high vibrations of acceptance, love, enthusiasm and peace. That’s why the mainstream media are trying to keep us down with fear and contempt. The low frequencies are blocking our inspiration, intuition and telepathy and that’s why we are losing the battle with corpocracy.

What is the thing that influences you the most in the sea of inspirations

Inspiration is a subject which has been never explained. Higher dimensions can contact the person only with the specific mind of that particular person. Higher wisdom, love and beauty has to use our personal inner mental iconography to pass the message we can understand. Sometimes the idea comes from mathematical pattern, sometimes from emotions or any other form. That’s why I am trying to read books and absorb informations because then the Source of Creation will have more tools to contact me and support my creational process. Evolution and Creation is the same thing.

I guess Chopin is very important to you. What are your favorite aspects of his music?

I love the way he treats my hands. His compositions are so perfectly written for human hands that playing them makes me to be aware of every muscle. It is such a pleasure to practice his music! While experiencing the hand muscles training the side effect is a beautiful music, so the pleasure comes from inside - by feeling my body doing the hands exercises and from outside - listening to harmonies, melodies and constructions which are a pure beauty.

As you approach your 50’s, do you think if your music is developed as well?

I am working on my soul every single day, so I hope every time I play - the message is brighter. I found out that music is not only the sounds you produce. It is so much more than that. If you analyse the music intellectually you can consider this or that as more “developed”. We are used to think that development should fetch complexity. Sometimes development leads to simplicity.

When I listen to your work I feel sorrow mixed with horror. What sort of a place does sadness have in your life?

I was full of inner sorrow and despair for all my life because I didn’t understand that I am living in the system of enslavement. It took many years for me to understand how the enslavement of humanity is being prosecuted. After accepting that I am just a slave of a macro social engineering I was able to find my way in the programmed society which is sharing this mental, illusionary prison with me. I see the system more clearly and I do not take it personally. I think today my music is much more joyful that it was ten years ago. I have understood that it is not a normal situation to live here. Earth is a very special planet.

I think your style is a fusion between classical music and jazz. Is it possible to say that? What do you think on this matter?

I agree. I try to apply the purity and beauty of sound I learned from the classical musicians and combine it with the high emotionality which is in jazz. During concerts I try to keep the form while amplifying the emotions. It is a hard job because after certain volume of emotionality the form starts breaking. You can see it in music and you can see it in life.

You will be meeting the Bodrum audience within this month. Is this your first trip to Turkey?

I love Turkey, I am so happy to play here again. Especially Bodrum - such a beautiful place.

Do you know or follow Turkish music?

Zohar Fresco who is playing with me was born in Turkey so we talk a lot about turkish tradition and culture. But these are rather spiritual, abstract conversations.

What should the audience expect in Bodrum?

No expectations please. Just be there, that’s all. Maybe we all will have a moment to enter our own world hidden under the masks we have to wear every day to survive in the prison-like minded society.

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