New decrees order a major surge of dismissals from public offices, involving over 40,000 state employees

The latest statutory decrees announced recently have called for a massive dismissal of state employees alleged to be a member or in connection to ‘FETÖ’ or other structures against the state. State departments and institutions from where these dismissals took place include the police force, gendarme departments, coastal guard units, and many other state institutions.

While the three decrees (No. 672, 673, 674), published in Resmi Gazete (The Official Gazzette) last night, have ordered the dismissals of over 40,000 people from their positions at state offices, more than half of these dismissals are at the Ministry of Education.

Additionally, the number of discharged employees at police forces is announced as 7,699; and, there are also 24 governors and over 100 deputy governors whose duties have been terminated through these decrees passed in reference to the FETÖ/PDY operations.

The decrees have ordered the dismissals of state employees who have been ‘alleged’ to have a membership or ties with structures, organizations, or groups that have been defined by the National Security Council as ‘running activities against the state and national security’. Passed under state of emergency, the statutory decrees have been passed and put in force without any further investigation.

What is going to happen to those who are being dismissed?

State employees whose positions have been terminated under these recently passed statutory decrees 1) will not be readmitted to the institutions they had worked; 2) will never be employed by any state institution again, either directly or indirectly; 3) will not be eligible to be an employee or a partner of a private security firm; 4) will have to evacuate the public housings – if they are living in them - within the next 15 days; and, moreover, if applicable, 5) their gun licenses and pilot’s license will be void; and, 6) their passports will also be rendered invalid.