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Night guards to start duty in neighborhoods of Turkey’s İstanbul

BİRGÜN DAİLY 13.08.2017 17:01
Night guards to start duty in neighborhoods of Turkey’s İstanbul
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Starting on Monday (August 14), 386 guards working under the directorate of security will be on duty at nights in neighborhoods of İstanbul.

Named as ‘Night Eagles’, the new staff of the police department is commanded to ‘use their arms without hesitation’.

According to reports of Turkey’s DİHA, the new night guards will at first patrol the town centers and streets of neighborhoods with the police officers. Trained by the police department’s special operation units, the guards will start their duty at sunset and work until dawn.

Speaking at the ceremony marking the start of the duty of Night Eagles, head of the Directorate of Police Department, Mustafa Çalışkan, said this new regulation will later be implemented in other cities of the country.

Çalışkan told the new staff the following: “When it is your legal right, do not hesitate a bit to use whatever authority you have. Know the regulations well. If you know it well, you will have more confident. So, you have to do some reading and focus. When you have good intentions, you can carry out your duty nicely without facing any problems. Control your outfits, approach, and all your acts very well. Everybody will be watching you from this point on! People will look at you carefully. We, and the State, exist for extending service to the public. This is the reason for our presence here. We are here for the citizens. Do not use any expressions towards the citizens which you would not want to be used against you. Do not call citizens with words such as ‘uncle’ or ‘brother’. Refer to them as ‘Mr.’ or ‘Mrs.’ Do not do wrong things! Those who do wrong can have no chance to walk with us”.


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