Officials of Turkey’s AKP angered by opposition’s Justice Congress

Officials of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party, AKP, have delivered statements slamming the main opposition over the final declaration it shared upon completion of its five days long Justice Congress held in western province of Çanakkale between the dates of August 26-30.

Participated by representatives and members of several other opposition parties, including HDP (People’s Democratic Party), ÖDP (Freedom and Solidarity Party), and EMEP (Labor Party), the main opposition’s Justice Congress drew around ten thousand people who gathered at the city’s historic Kocatepe field to attend a number of seminars held by participation of over 700 guest speakers. Participants were given a chance to voice their demands for justice and take part in discussions that were aimed at finding solutions for the injustices addressed during the seminars.

The five item final declaration released at the end of the Congress caused the government officials to react as the items outlined in the declaration defined the current regime in the country as a one-man regime and the amended Constitution as an ‘illegitimate’ one.

Speaking on behalf of his party, AKP’s spokesperson Mahir Ünal referred to the Congress of the opposition as ‘the so-called Justice Congress’ and deemed the statements made in the final declaration as ‘against the Constitution’.

“The final document of the Congress (of CHP) not only denies high achievements of AKP governments in fields of justice, economy, religious freedom, education, and protection of different lifestyles but also aims to render FETÖ cases void in international platforms, obviously”.