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People protesting operation on HDP get attacked by police in İstanbul

BİRGÜN DAİLY 05.11.2016 17:56
People protesting operation on HDP get attacked by police in İstanbul
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As hundreds of people, along with civil society representatives and politicians, gathered in İstanbul’s central town Şişli today (November 5) at 16:00 to protest the detention of HDP co-chairs and MPs, police attacked the crowd with water cannons, teargas, and plastic bullets.

People chanted slogans to voice their support for HDP by saying ‘HDP is the representative of the people; and we the people are here’ and ‘don’t remain silent or else you will be the next’. As the crowd began shouting ‘Erdoğan the thief and the murderer’, the police gave a warning to the crowd before interfering.

Some have been taken into custody following the attack of the police.

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