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Petition at İstanbul University for ‘ending coed education’

Calls and demands ‘against coed education’ have been voiced by reactionist groups in many instances. This time, the latest of such movement came from İstanbul University.

BİRGÜN DAİLY 18.10.2016 14:45
Petition at İstanbul University for ‘ending coed education’
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According to reports of soL news portal, some students from the Faculty of Theology and their supporters from student clubs have launched a petition asking for the abolishment of co-ed education at their school. Titled as ‘End to coed education under state of emergency’, the campaign has been held on campus, at stands, where participating students have been trying to get support for their petition.

The petition text read as: “This year, the students of our faculty (Faculty of Theology), has brought up the issue of coed education with a serious stand. As children of an ancient civilization, with the inspiration of our history, we demand for this issue to be resolved. As the students of Faculty of Theology at İstanbul University, we want coed education to be ended and for classrooms to be separated as girls and boys classes. And, we hereby state that as the clubs of our faculty, we will be following up with this issue.”


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