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President of Turkey Erdoğan: ‘FSA is absolutely a resistance movement; not a terrorist group’

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the opening of a police station at İstanbul’s Maltepe district yesterday (December 24).

Mentioning his stand about ‘demands for reintroduction of death penalty in Turkey’, Erdoğan said: “It should be brought up at the Parliament; my view about it is clear. Because, this is not a subject matter for which the State has a right of initiative… In my opinion, amnesty depends on the spouses and the children (of the victims). Nobody has such right. Neither George, nor Hans…”

Erdoğan also talked about Turkey’s military involvement in Syria and said: “These lands have become a homeland with the blood of martyrs. Those who still say ‘what’s the Turkish soldier doing in Al-Bab’ do not have an understanding of the issue. Weren’t you the ones who said ‘where is our state’, when Kilis was bombed? …Those people have ears and eyes but they do not hear and they do not see. Free Syrian Army (FSA) is not a terrorist organization; it is absolutely a resistance movement… We are never going to allow establishment of a new state in northern Syria… We talked with Putin last night; he thanked us and said: ‘You have contributed to liberation of these people (of Aleppo), too. We could not have done it if we had not worked together.’ Now, Manbij and Raqqa are next…