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Pro-government criminal leader Sedat Peker threatens opposition groups in Turkey

BİRGÜN DAİLY 27.01.2017 14:19
Pro-government criminal leader Sedat Peker threatens opposition groups in Turkey
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After the parliamentary approval of the controversial constitutional amendments package of Turkey’s ruling party AKP, referendum preparations have started.

Signaled by government officials as scheduled to be held in early April this year, the referendum results will determine whether Turkey will shift to a presidential system or not.

The controversy over the amendments primarily lies with the expansive power attributed to the executive branch of the government through the elimination of the post of prime minister and allowing the president to keep her/his party affiliation.
As both supporters of the proposed system and those against it have begun their campaigns, an open threat was received from a widely known criminal leader in Turkey, Sedat Peker.

Previous message of Peker: 'We are going to take a bath in your blood'

A devote supporter of Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Peker has been giving support to current administration of Justice and Development Party (AKP) under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Last year, in a public meeting in Rize, Peker had referred to his opponents and especially the signatories of the Peace Petition of Academics by saying ‘We are going to shed blood in streams and take a bath in your blood.’

Recent message: 'We are going to be waiting for them on the streets'

Recently, following along the chain of ‘yes for the presidential system’ messages started online by famous former footballer from Turkey Rıdvan Dilmen, Peker said he ‘will be waiting for those who oppose the proposal on the streets.’

Giving reference to some previous leaders of MHP who had also supported a presidential system for Turkey in the past, Peker said in his video message that Turkey has become a country giving hope to all ‘oppressed nations of the world’ and ‘in order for this reputation to not decay in the hands of coalition governments’, he will vote in approval of the proposal.

Claiming that ‘there are many people who assert on going out to streets to create violence in order to prevent the referendum from being held’ Peker sent a threatening message to those in opposition: “… Since I am an honored citizen of this country, I will absolutely say ‘yes.’ …I would like to especially state in advance that just as we stood up against the members of the Fethullah Terrorist Organization on July 15th, we are going to be waiting on the streets for those who attempt to come out to stand on the way of the referendum…”


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