Sale of 'Hero' t-shirts worn by coup suspect in Turkey stopped

17.07.2017 18:06 BİRGÜN DAİLY

Earlier last week, a suspect of the coup case who is being accused of taking part in a plot against Erdoğan during the night of July 15 coup attempt had appeared before a court in Muğla province of Turkey with a t-shirt with a writing of ‘Hero’ on it.

As one of the lawyers of President Erdoğan objected to the message on the t-shirt and demanded the suspect to take it off, a verbal argument sparked between the lawyers of the suspects and the lawyers of Erdoğan.

Claiming that the t-shirt was provided to him by the authorities at prison, the suspect refused to take it off and demanded to not attend the hearing. Arguments continued and the hearing was postponed.

PM Binali Yıldırım had criticized it by saying, ‘What is the use of having a writing on your chest that says ‘hero’ while on your forehead it writes traitor?’

On Monday (July 17), a family member of a suspect of the same case came to the courthouse with the same t-shirt on, causing the authorities and security to act up. While he got taken into custody and questioned about it, authorities in Turkey announced that the sale of those t-shirts has now been stopped both in stores and online.

Commenting on the incident, President Erdoğan also asserted that ‘the suspects of the coup will from now on be forced to abide rules similar to those at Guantanamo Base’.