BİRGÜN DAİLY 09.09.2017 16:25

‘Secularism’ to be taught as a ‘problem’ under Turkey’s new curriculum

‘Secularism’ to be taught as a ‘problem’ under Turkey’s new curriculum

Recent revisions of Turkey’s National Education Ministry in curricula for primary, secondary, and tertiary education continue sparking off reactions as further details about the recently adapted changes have been revealed.

Exclusion of theory of evolution from biology textbooks for primary and secondary level schools; inclusion of a chapter on ‘jihad as a way of worshipping’; and, minimization of chapters and content related to founding president Atatürk had already been contested by the country’s secular and democratic groups.

Another revision that has more recently been reported and received reaction is the introduction of ‘secularism’ in a textbook for religion education lesson as a ‘problem’. The relevant chapter that has a subtitle of ‘issues related to beliefs’ includes sections defining positivism, atheism, theism, nihilism, and satanism also as a ‘problem’. Believing in reincarnation or being agnostic is also considered as a ‘problem’ in this same chapter.