Shops of refugees in Turkey's Urfa attacked by masked people

A group of masked people has been attacking the shops run by Kurdish and Arabic Syrian refugees in Eyyübiye district of the border province of Urfa in Turkey.

DİHA has reported that a number of shops and cars has been the target of the masked group within the past month.

Asserting that the police act inefficiently against the now frequently reported attacks, shop owners who did not want to reveal their identity due to security concerns confirmed that the masked group made up of around 15 people attacked several shops by throwing stones at windows and burned the car belonging to a dweller in the town, where Kurdish and Arabic Syrian refugees live in large numbers.

A Syrian shop owner, Ahmet Xevdo, says: “I have been living in Urfa for 5 years. We have no problem with the public here. But there are some who want to create problems”.