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Suspended and dismissed academicians of Turkey launch ‘Street Academy’

BİRGÜN DAİLY 04.12.2016 23:05
Suspended and dismissed academicians of Turkey launch ‘Street Academy’
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Speaking to BirGün prior to the first lesson of Street Academy, suspended academician Yasin Durak said: “They think they could restrict scientific outputs; however, we are ready to do it even on the streets.”

Academicians who have been suspended or dismissed under Turkey’s emergency decrees have launched a ‘Street Academy.’
The first lesson of the Street Academy was held in Ankara’s Kuğulupark today (December 4), starting with the topic of ‘hegemony and counter-hegemony.’ And, the academicians who gave the first lessons were suspended academician Yasin Durak and Mehmet Mutlu, against whom an investigation has been started.

Comments of Durak to BirGün about their initiative are as follows: “We have thought of the Street Academy as a workshop that is primarily organized by suspended academicians. At these workshops, different academicians will be giving lessons at different places each week. We are going to continue these street lessons under the current conditions as long as we can... Academy (in Turkey) is under great pressure. You are not able to do the work you want and contribute a scholarly output. So, we’ve decided to take academy to the street. It is a way of saying ‘there is no limit to scientific contributions’. Those who think they can restrict it are wrong; we are ready to produce scholarly output even on the streets.”


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