Turkey’s CHP to take constitutional amendments to Supreme Court

BİRGÜN DAİLY 23.01.2017 10:49
Turkey’s CHP to take constitutional amendments to Supreme Court
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On January 9th, parliamentary debates and voting on constitutional amendments proposed by Turkey's ruling party AKP were started.

Causing unrest both among public and parliamentarians, the controversial proposal of AKP to shift the system in Turkey from parliamentary to a presidential one was passed with the votes of AKP and MHP members.

During the first round of parliamentary voting, AKP members were observed casting their votes openly in breach of the secret ballot rule. Although this was even photographed, AKP members denied the accusations.

Turkey’s main opposition party CHP announced its decision to take the issue to the Supreme Court of Turkey in order to demand annulment of the recently legislated amendments.

The 18-articles amendments package, for which second round of parliamentary voting was completed on January 21st, must be approved and signed by President Erdoğan before CHP can take it to the Supreme Court.


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