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Turkey’s HDP starts off a demonstration that is to last for months

BİRGÜN DAİLY 25.07.2017 14:11
Turkey’s HDP starts off a demonstration that is to last for months
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Turkey’s second largest opposition party HDP (People’s Democratic Party) has taken a decision to hold a daily demonstration to demand justice for its detained leaders and MPs.

The ‘Justice and Conscience Duty Meetings’ will be held in various cities until November 4 – the date marking the first year anniversary of arrest of the HDP members -, starting with Diyarbakır, İstanbul, Van, and İzmir.

Announcing the decision during a press conference at the Parliament on Monday (July 24), on Press Day in Turkey, spokesperson Osman Baydemir said: “Today is the 130th anniversary of lifting of bans on press. And, it is also referred to as Press Holiday. But 166 journalists are now in jail for having worked for the right of people to have access to news. Also, Cumhuriyet newspaper’s members are appearing before a judge today. Justice and legal order will be necessary for all one day. And, this country will reach the light by resisting against fascism”.

Also drawing attention to the statements over which detained co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş is being accused of ‘triggering hatred among public’, Baydemir said while calls for peace by Demirtaş and his criticism of AKP and Erdoğan – especially after destructive operation of Turkey’s security forces in Kurdish towns in the southeast - are considered as evidence of crime of ‘triggering hatred’, the violent and openly threatening remarks by a criminal leader – Sedat Peker – in Turkey are praised and encouraged.


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