Turkey's main opposition Deputy İlhan Cihaner: The option of boycotting the parliament should be considered

YAŞAR AYDIN - @yasaraydinnn

The last statutory decree (KHK) issued by the AKP government led to great debate. We talked with CHP Istanbul deputy Ilhan Cihaner. He expressed KHK as the last nails that stood in the coffin of the democracy. Cihaner stated that the KHK is "an attempt by the AKP and Erdoğan to create new shields for themselves".

-With the latest two decree, is it possible to say that a new era had begun in Turkey?

It is not necessary to define the last two statutory decree as a begining of the new term. Because we are in the process of constructing an "authoritarian / fascist" regime that starts with the announcement of the state of emergency. Probably, we are going to see similar things. For that reason, there should be a consistent political attitude towards the AKP’s final aims. Regardless of whether the state of emergency is finalized, it will be more appropriate to read it as part of the process.

Judicary which directly linked to the Erdoğan

»Significant changes were also made in the judiciary with the last statutory decree. How does it affect this controversial area?

Another important regulation of the Decree Law is to increase the number of membership of the Constitutional Court of Appeals and the Council of State. I think there are two important reflections of this; the idea of ​​'unity in the judiciary', which seemed to be understandable to some extent after one attempted coup d'etat, is now collapsed. This arrangement is announcing that there is no longer any need for social democratic and nationalist elements of the union of judiciary in the future. The second one is that they create an upper court within the Supreme Court with the general assemblies which will serve permanently. This change must be read together with the council of judges and prosecutors members being directly appointed by the Erdoğan.

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Translated by Pınar YÜKSEK