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Turkey’s PM: ‘State of emergency will remain in force until FETÖ is completely wiped out’

Turkey’s PM: ‘State of emergency will remain in force until FETÖ is completely wiped out’

Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım gave a speech at a ceremony held in Ankara today (January 26), talking about ‘developments relevant to justice system in Turkey’.

Stating the ‘judiciary is the base of the state,’ Yıldırım said Turkey primarily needs ‘a good reputation for its judiciary as it deserves it.’

Referring to difficulties face in judiciary system in the past, Yıldırım said his party’s current constitutional amendments are aimed for ‘filling the gaps in the system to avoid similar difficulties to come on the way.’

Yıldırım also pointed a finger at FETÖ and claimed because of the group’s ‘sneaky actions since the 2010 referendum in Turkey,’ judiciary in Turkey had been ‘used for the group’s dirty purposes.’

Mentioning that Turkey’s citizens often complain about the slowness in the judicial processes in the country, Yıldırım added the following: “We must pace up our legal processes. Justice that comes along late is not real justice. People want justice to be served quickly so that their heart gets a relief. But you know that there are also difficulties in making a conviction too early… However, the more time lapses over a case, our citizens lose trust in the judiciary. We have built beautiful courthouses for this. The buildings are great but the cover is not everything. Content is more important. People who will be making the decisions in those building and their decisions are more important.”

Asserting AKP governments have brought about effective changes in the judiciary system, Yıldırım said state of emergency will continue remaining in force ‘to wipe out FETÖ completely.’ Yıldırım also said a commission for handling complaints about the filed cases on FETÖ has been created in order to avoid these cases to be referred to European Court of Human Rights.

Yıldırım said: “Not with mercy or with revenge, we are going to treat them (convicts or suspects) with justice… It has been 6-7 months since the coup took place. Those who took up the arms and killed people are known. Citizens are asking why these people are still not tried… Why do you think people keep shouting for ‘death penalty’; they want to see a result. This is a payoff for a 40 year long case. If we speed up the process on this, people will get calmer…”


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