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Turkey's President Erdoğan declares 'national mobilization'

BİRGÜN DAİLY 14.12.2016 19:08
Turkey's President Erdoğan declares 'national mobilization'
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Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met with the village headmen at the Presidential Palace in Ankara for their 32nd meeting.

Talking about ‘terror threats Turkey has been facing with’ Erdoğan urged ‘every citizen of Turkey against terror to get mobilized.’

‘Times we live in now are as crucial as the times of our War of Independence’

Parts of Erdoğan’s speech are as the following: “While we have lost a lot, we also have given such a great damage to the terrorist organizations... The times we live in now are as crucial as the times of the War of Independence. It has got enourmous significant in terms of the result it will bring about. After WWI, the powerful ones of those days had cornered Turkey in Anatolia and wanted to confine it on a small piece of land through the Treaty of Sevres. Such as it is the case with Aleppo today. Though we had not achieved our goals in line with Misak-ı Milli (National Pact), we nevertheless turned Sevres into a rag. Now, there is even a greater game being plotted. What is being attacked is the free and thriving struggle of Turkey. If we had not given the effort we have throughout the past 14 years, we could not have given the necessary respond to the current attacks. We always say that ‘what makes a flag is the blood that gives it its color.’ So, nobody should try to make us see those rags as flags! It is out of the question for us to accept that. Nobody should dare to think of running operations on our land!”

‘I declare national mobilization against terrorist’

“…We are not going to become a society that gets all the doors in Europe closed to its face. We are going to continue do all that we can in order for these pains not to be experienced. We are not going to lose. Some might have their conscious silenced; but we are going to keep listening to our conscious… Since we are faced with the greatest attacks in our history ever, it is in our rights to retaliate… Whoever sees something related to these organizations, they must immediately report it to the security forces. The purpose of the terrorist organizations is not about a particular case. Their only goal is to destroy and annihilate Turkey like the other countries in the region. We know what those who criticize us in our counterterrorism efforts do when they are themselves faced with terror. I declare national mobilization! Do not hesitate to use all your authority… From now on, there is no peace for those terrorists both in the mountains and the cities, as well as, those who support them. We are not going to let terrorists to breathe! You must let our police forces know about who lives in which houses! If this kind of a communication is practiced, these (terrorists and supporters) will look for a hole to hide...”


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