Two new emergency decrees passed in Turkey

25.08.2017 09:32 BİRGÜN DAİLY

Two new statutory decrees in scope of state of emergency were announced on Friday morning (August 25).

With these latest emergency decrees, 922 more public employees have been dismissed from their positions. While most of the dismissed were employees at Interior Ministry, Ministry of Justice, and the Board of Higher Education, others were from a variety of state institutions.

Three associations – Mavi Association; Association of Lovers of Koran; and, Antalya Çağlayan High School Alumni Association – were shut.

Three Kurdish media institutions – Rojava Media Newspaper; Sujin; and, DİHA – have also been shut down with the recent decrees.

120 more academics have been dismissed from their institutions.The decrees have also returned a number of previously suspended individuals to their positions. Among them are 734 officers from the police force, from which tens of thousands had been suspended.

While suspended public workers stand a chance to be granted their positions back after the completion of the investigations, around 150K dismissed state employees are banned from working for the state ever again, according to the decrees passed under state of emergency.

Turkey has been ruled under a state of emergency enforced nationwide since the failed coup of last summer. Decrees passed under state of emergency have ordered for dismissal of hundreds of thousands from public institutions; and, over hundred media institutions and thousands of associations have been shut.

(Updated at 13:38 on August 25, Friday)