BİRGÜN DAİLY 04.01.2017 11:40

Two young adults in Turkey get arrested for 'making a call for secularism'

Two young adults in Turkey get arrested for 'making a call for secularism'

Following the deadly armed attack at a nightclub in İstanbul, for which ISIL has claimed responsibility, a group of young people had wanted to send across a message ‘promoting secularism’ and ‘warning against ISIL and all other radical Islamist groups.’

The group went inside a café in their hometown Okmeydanı in İstanbul. Their speech, recorded on camera by someone at the café, was shared on Twitter by Interior Ministry and the Ministry told the public to ‘report the young people to police wherever they are seen’. Though the Ministry deleted its post after public reaction on social media, two of the young people have nevertheless been arrested after having been taken into custody and brought before a court yersterday (January 3).

Below is the video where the young man says: They are the people who have been trying to oppress us through their massacres. We say, enough! From now on, we are not going to allow neither followers of ISIL nor any other jihadist group in our town. There is one flag that needs to be risen up against bigotry; and, the name of that flag is secularism! Secularism means freedom; it means solidarity; it means a fight for living a human life. We call everyone to be a part of this fight. We invite you to bring to justice the bigots, fascists, and lovers of the presidency. Thank you for listening!”