VIDEO: Police violence in Turkey against dismissed academics

18.03.2017 02:58 BİRGÜN DAİLY

On Friday (March 17), dismissed teachers and academics Nuriye Gülmen, Veli Saçılık, Semih Özakça and Esra Özakça were attacked and taken into custody, along with 5 others, by police in Ankara while they were about to read their press statement.

The teachers have been holding their demonstration near Ankara’s Kızılay square for months to demand their jobs back. Having been taken into custody and released numerous times by now, Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça decided to continue their demonstration through a hunger strike 9 days ago as their demands were left unmet.

Attacking the teachers and their family members and the crowd in support of the demonstrators, police took into custody 9 people by force.


(Dismissed academic Veli Saçılık's mother had a break down after seeing how his son was treated by police)

Among them was also Veli Saçılık, a sociologist who lost his arm during an operation of Turkey’s security forces in Burdur prison back in 2000. Saçılık also lost his job with the decision of one of the emergency decrees that President Erdoğan and Council of Ministers have issued after the failed coup attempt of last summer.

In a recent video reported by BirGün reporter Erk Acarer, Saçılık and other teachers are seen as hit and insulted by police officers while they’re in a police vehicle before they’re taken to a station.

Suspended academician in Turkey taken into custody for 12th time for saying ‘I want my job back’ Suspended academician in Turkey taken into custody for 12th time for saying ‘I want my job back’

In the video, Saçılık is seen lying down inside the car with his shirt stripped and asking the police about his mother, who had also participated in the demonstration and fainted due to the violence she witnessed. Meanwhile, as Gülmen talks back at the police in support of Saçılık, another officer begins hitting Gülmen and saying ‘I will break your head off.’

Gülmen and other teachers in the car calls the police 'torturers' in reaction.