Biased broadcast of Turkey's state-run TRT on Justice March

BİRGÜN DAİLY 03.07.2017 11:48
Biased broadcast of Turkey's state-run TRT on Justice March
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Biased news captions about the Justice March used during the broadcasts of Turkey’s state-run channel TRT received firm reactions from the lawmakers of the main opposition party CHP.

During a recent news program, the caption read as ‘The so-called ‘justice’ march of CHP chair is being analyzed’. The guests at the show were people known for their open support and affinity with the ruling party AKP.

Underlining that as a public TV station, TRT has an obligation to remain impartial and objective, CHP MPs expressed their reactions over the social media.

Under the hashtag of ‘know your place TRT’ (#HaddiniBilTRT), MP Engin Altay wrote: ‘Stop acting without manners!’

MP Eren Erdem said: ‘The TRT that has been seized by an immoral gang! Know your place! You cannot be blowing a trumpet for any particular party!’

MP Aykut Erdoğdu said: ‘We are walking through the mountains when we are searching for our rights so that we have our voices heard far from them (AKP members). But they again attack us with a poisonous tongue.’

MP Ali Yiğit wrote: ‘We seek justice also in the face of a state TV that does party propaganda (for AKP) with the money it has got also through the taxes of CHP constituents.’

MP Sezgin Tanrıkulu said: ‘The TRT, which has a duty of public broadcast that is to be serviced through the taxes of each of our citizens, cannot be calling the Justice March ‘the so-called’’.


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