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Criminal leader Peker vows to ensure a 'Turkish-Islamic rule' in Turkey

BİRGÜN DAİLY 06.02.2017 19:13
Criminal leader Peker vows to ensure a 'Turkish-Islamic rule' in Turkey
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Criminal leader Sedat Peker held a public meeting in İstanbul’s Beykoz district today in support of the controversial constitutional package of AKP, which will be bring forth for public voting in a referendum scheduled to be held in April.

Claiming the current process is the ‘last turning point for the nation of Turkey,’ Peker vowed for a Turkish-Islamic partnership in the country by saying ‘we are going to bring about a unity of Bozkurt (Grey Wolves) and Rabiato this country.’ He said: “This is the last obstacle standing in the way of the Turkish nation that has been tried to be stopped. We are going to overcome this obstacle together with the help of Allah.”

Peker’s arguments for promising a ‘yes’ vote in the referendum were based on his assertions that ‘coalition governments are cancers of politics’ and that the proposed new constitution will bring about ‘a single structure and a single system through the establishment of an office of presidency with continued party affiliation.’

Peker is also known for his open threats made in public against signatories of peace petition and most recently the opponents of the proposed presidential system.


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