Detained author in Turkey escapes from prison and tweets: ‘The bird has flown away’

14.07.2017 20:03 BİRGÜN DAİLY

Detained author in Turkey, Sevan Nişanyan, announced his escape from prison on Twitter.

On Friday (July 14), indicating that he’s fled abroad, Nişanyan wrote: “The bird has flown away. Wishing the same for the rest of the 80 million (in Turkey)”.

Nişanyan had been jailed for insisting on constructing a house at a protected zone in Turkey’s Agean town of Şirince.

Talking to Ümran Avcı from HaberTürk, the fugitive author Nişanyan confirmed that he has indeed escaped from prison but refused to give information as to how and when.

Nişanyan had recently been tranferred from a closed prison to an open one, which had less strict rules, as he himself explained in an interview with the Agos newspaper previously.