Easing Covid-19 Restrictions: Is it too early or is it the right time?


While the whole world is lifting lockdown rules gradually, Professor Hajo Zeeb from the University of Bremen stated that it does not look like a consecutive easing of rules is sensible. Professor Carlo La Vecchia from University of Milan said that challenges would ease as the pandemic eases next summer.

In the Covid-19 pandemic, where vaccination brings hope amid variant concerns, every country has their own roadmap for lifting lockdown rules. In the coming days, the number of journeys will increase as the weather gets warmer and the summer season comes.

Prof. Hajo Zeeb and Prof. Carlo La Vecchia assess how easing rules will affect the figth against Covid-19 and the glimpse of hope that Covid-19 might be ended before 2022.



‘’Certainly it does not look like a consecutive easing of rules is sensible as we are seeing a steep rise in infections. It remains important to have reduced contacts, keep distance and employ comprehensive testing, unfortunately the vaccination process is too slow to show an impact at the level of infections at this point’’ said Prof. Zeeb.

He added: ‘’Widespread travelling has the potential to bring COVID again to parts of the world which have successfully kept numbers low, and at the same time it can help spread new mutants even faster. Travelling will be safer if large numbers have been vaccinated, and travelling does not support further spread of the infection. We certainly do not need a scenario as in winter 2020’’.

Considering the possibility of ending Covid-19 pandemic before 2022 with the spread of vaccination, Prof. Zeeb said, ’’There is a hope. However, whether it really ends or rather is in a controlled stage is an open question, since we have a pandemic and not all world populations have the same access to vaccinations unfortunately, it will take time until COVID-19 is a thing of the past. The current problem in much of Europe is the delay of deliveries so that a big vaccination surge is not happening, it is a somewhat slow pace. So there needs to be intense pressure on all involved in production and logistics to get things done as soon as possible. Good vaccination coverage offers the best perspective right now’’



Prof. Carlo La Vecchia says the challenges that people face and economic difficulties will ease as the pandemic eases next summer. He states that the vaccine starts to be effective 14 days after the first jab. Prof. La Vecchia says the vast majority of the population will be vaccinated by this summer.