Erdoğan’s statement on Turkey’s strikes in Sinjar: ‘We can suddenly come over one night’

BİRGÜN DAİLY 29.04.2017 18:13
Erdoğan’s statement on Turkey’s strikes in Sinjar: ‘We can suddenly come over one night’
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Speaking at the convention of TÜMSİAD (Association of All Industrialists and Businessmen) held in İstanbul’s Haliç Convention Center, Turkey’s president Erdoğan also gave statements on recent operations and strikes of Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) against Kurdish forces in Iraq’s Sinjar and Rojova of northern Syria.

Asserting that ‘it has now been revealed who acts in obedience to foreign forces and who acts in obedience to Allah’, Erdoğan said: “We are determined to root out traitor gangs completely while we will also never forget that the Muslims cannot be bitten on the same wound over and over again. Both our doors and hearts are open for everyone who is loyal to their country and nation and who works for the unity of the Islamic world and for the good of humanity.”

‘We can suddenly come down there one night’

When referring to the recent operations across Turkey’s border with Syria and Iraq, Erdoğan said: “If we can all give hands to each other, with the great power America, this many coalition forces, and as Turkey, we can turn Raqqa into a grave for DAESH. They would then look for a hole to escape to. Same with Mosul and Al-Anbar; we should continue on the operations in these places, too. If we leave things in Iraq, we will continue having victims. Look at Tel Afar; look at Sinjar… As we saw that it was not working; one operation here (in Sinjar) and one operation there (in other places)… And, we dismantled 210 or 220 terrorists in the region and hit their most important centers. Why? Because, you cannot play games with this nation. Everyone will see this! So, when the time comes, we know exactly what we are going to do! We can suddenly come down there one night!”


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