Scandalous message of an assistant principal in Turkey on Justice March

Assistant principal of a public high school in Turkey’s Bursa province shared a scandalous message from his Facebook account about the Justice March launched by the main opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who will be marching from Ankara to İstanbul in protest of the injustices in the country.

Referring to the Italian artist and peace activist Picca Bacca, who was found killed in Turkey back in 2008 while she was traveling bu walking and hitchhiking from Italy to Middle East to send a message of peace, the assistant principal Necmettin Köksal wrote in his social media message the following: ‘There was once a woman who had come to Turkey from Italy by walking and she had experienced bad things! I wonder why this came up to my mind all of a sudden!’

As a friend of Köksal commented on it by saying, ‘Long live master! You made us laugh!’, Köksal replied and said: ‘Greetings. God bless you!’

Some of his other friends also expressed their ‘joy over the message’ of Köksal through their comments.