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Turkey’s Erdoğan comments on Justice March: 'These people can't talk about justice'

BİRGÜN DAİLY 10.07.2017 15:57
Turkey’s Erdoğan comments on Justice March: 'These people can't talk about justice'
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Talking to a group of journalists while on plane on the way back to Turkey from Germany, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave statements on the Justice March of the opposition.

According to reports of Hürriyet newspaper of Turkey, Erdoğan said the following: “I had said it before: I do not think that these people (the opposition members) have anything to do with justice. My imprisonment while I was the municipality head took place under the government of Ecevit. Although DSP (Democratic Left Party) was in power (at that time), Ecevit was someone that CHP embraced completely. I had also reminded you previously about Merve Kavakçı. Who was the person that secreamed about Kavakçı – because of her headscarf – by saying, ‘Kick this woman out of here’? It was Ecevit. They did not think about justice! They not only threw Merve Kavakçı out of the parliament but also stripped her of her citizenship. People who did all these things are these people (in opposition). Now, are they seeking justice? He cannot even stand someone in his party that wants to be a candicate for party leadership. Is that justice? In the CHP group meetings, voices that criticize him are silenced. People who criticize him are kicked out in battering. Now someone who does these things talk about justice. And, I’m not even going to talk about the suffering he caused on people on the roads during his march.”


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