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Turkey’s Haziran calls on all democracy forces to join the final rally of Justice March

BİRGÜN DAİLY 09.07.2017 13:00
Turkey’s Haziran calls on all democracy forces to join the final rally of Justice March
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Turkey’s United Haziran (June) Movement, which is a large group consisting of members from various civil society groups and left-wing political parties that created a joint platform after the Gezi Park protests, released a 15 item statement about the Justice March of the opposition.

In their statement, the Movement members touched on the most pressing issues impacting the lives of many in the country, such as the ongoing oppression; erosion in the judicial system; widespread violence against women and abuse of children; deviation from scientific and secular principals in the education system; reckless destruction of nature and natural assets; attempts to trigger animosity among public members through religious and ethnic grounds; inefficient policies at workplaces; and, more.

Highlighting that justice begins with ‘justice at all places of life, starting with workplaces’, the statement also underlined the demands of the minorities in the country and said: ‘In a country where political Islam is in power; where Madımak is still burning; and, where Kurds are avoided under a policy of ‘one nation, one flag, one homeland, and one state’, no peace can be attained. And, no justice is real justice unless the demands of the Kurds and the Alevis are met in this country’.

‘The power to end the political Islam led by the current ruling party is hidden in the revolutionary genes of this country’s progressive forces’, the statement read and called on for a ‘sustainable and continued struggle after the rally.’

Encouraging all democratic forces to attend the major final rally of the Justice March on Sunday (July 9) in İstanbul’s Maltepe district, the group shared its message with 15 subtitles: 1) Seeking justice cannot be thought of separately from the fight for freedoms, equality, independence, and secularism; 2) a justice system that is not for all does not bring any justice; 3) seeking justice for everyone also means seeking justice at all parts of life; 4) neither a societal peace nor justice can be attained through a mindset triggering polarization based on religion and ethnicity; 5) justice cannot prevail without secularism and secularism cannot prevail without justice; 6) the silent screams of our (abused) children demand justice; 7) justice should not be patriarchal but it should be real; 8) in a country where there is no social justice, a society cannot prosper; 9) while the country lands are sold out and the media is designed in accordance with interests of the ruling groups, nobody can speak of justice; 10) crimes cannot be defined based on an ideology of a particular person or a group; 11) the party primarily responsible for the country to come to a point of suffocation is the AKP’s ‘Palace Regime’ that has declared all opposition as ‘terrorists’; 12) coup attempt of July 15 was a result of strengthening political Islam as the policy of the state; 13) the key word defining the characteristic of the current regime is ‘injustice’; 14) ensuring peace at workplace is possible only through justice; 15) demand for absolute justice cannot be thought of separately from the demand for independence.


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