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Turkey’s HDP releases declaration for ‘Fight for Democracy’

BİRGÜN DAİLY 22.07.2017 21:44
Turkey’s HDP releases declaration for ‘Fight for Democracy’
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On Thursday (July 20), People’s Democratic Party (HDP) of Turkey released a declaration outlining its objectives and roadmap for their fight for democracy.

HDP members gathered and announced their declaration at Abbasağa Parkı, a park in center of Beşiktaş district of İstanbul where large groups of locals used to gather frequently to hold discussions among themselves with regards to the Gezi Protests after the famous Gezi Park was raided and blocked by police.

According to reports of Hacı Bişkin from Duvar news portal of Turkey, the meeting at Abbasağa on Thursday was attended by co-chair Serpil Kemalbay, spokesperson Osman Baydemir, parliamentary group leader Ahmet Yıldırım, and spokesperson of the women’s platform Dilan Dirayet Taşdemir, along with several HDP MPs and constituents.

As Turkey’s second largest opposition party, which has had its co-chairs and 9 other MP jailed since November of last year, HDP is focusing in its roadmap on principals of democracy, freedoms, justice, and equality and providing its perception for solution of Turkey’s most pressing issues, starting with the Kurdish question and including violations of human rights and labor rights and inequalities and violence faced by women.

The 9 item declaration consists of the following sub-titles: Democratic politcs cannot be eliminated; principles of democratic laws cannot be violated; human rights cannot be disregarded; social peace cannot be abandoned; rights of laborer cannot be extorted; natural and cultural assets cannot be plundered; achievements of women cannot be swept away; the youth’s today and future cannot be taken away; a new social contract is a needed.


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