Women MPs of Turkey object to AKP’s bill on ‘child abuse’: ‘This is called perversion’

BİRGÜN DAİLY 19.11.2016 08:15
Women MPs of Turkey object to AKP’s bill on ‘child abuse’: ‘This is called perversion’
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A bill introduced by AKP to the Parliament at the last minute on the night of November 16 has caused wide-spread reactions across the country. While people shared their comments and reactions in various social media platforms, some held street demonstrations to express their objection to the article of the proposed bill which suggests for ‘child molesters’ to get their penalty suspended if the perpetrator and the victim get married.

Women parliamentarians in Turkey also strictly objected to the article introduced by AKP as part of a package law brought up for making certain changes in Turkey’s current law of legal procedures.

'There is only one word for this: perversion!'

Speaking on behalf of the women parliamentarians, İstanbul MP from main opposition party CHP Gülay Yedekçi said the following: “Firstly, we are all shocked by the introduction of this bill. Rape of a child! How could they be wed to someone by saying ‘they had consent’? We cannot accept this! On the other hand, do our laws allow for an 11 or 13 year child to get married? I don’t understand that part, either. Is their goal to create a mass of perverts? The minister also mentioned attendance of governors and mayors to weddings and giving gold as wedding gift. I vehemently condemn this, as I sadly listened to his remarks. This cannot be accepted! Could you give 100 kilos of gold and marry an 11 years old? Can this be accepted? There is only one word for this: perversion!”


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