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Support from Turkey’s HDP for Justice March

Support from Turkey’s HDP for Justice March


Talking to BirGün about the Justice March which has been held for over a week by now, MP from Turkey’s HDP (People’s Democratic Party), Meral Danış Beştaş, stated that, as HDP, they see this march as a positive step in times where injustice is faced everywhere.

Underlining that the Justice March has been supported sincerely by a great part of the society in Turkey, Beştaş said the demand for justice by the people is significant. “Just as we are against the detention of our co-chairs and parliamentarians, we are also against the detention of CHP MP Enis Berberoğlu the same way”, said Beştaş and added that they condemn the unlawfulness…

Also highlighting that HDP members do not find the attribution of the march to a particular person as the right decision, Beştaş emphasized that the march must hold the qualification of a movement against all injustices.

“Injustice is not limited to Maltepe Prison; there are the prisons of Kandıra, Edirne, Şakran... There is now a system of torture and malpractice at place in all prisons across Turkey. Educators Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça are at the edge of losing their lives; and, there are hundreds of thousands victims of statutory decrees...”

Drawing attention to suggestion of Turkey’s anti-capitalist theologian İhsan Eliaçık for holding the march to Edirne, instead of stopping it in İstanbul, Beştaş added that these kinds of comments and views should not be overlooked...

Beştaş reminded that lifting of parliamentarians’ immunity was opposed not only by HDP but also by many CHP MPs, Beştaş said: “Today is not the day to argue over this… What the society in Turkey needs now is for democracy forces of the country to stand against the cruelty and injustices of the current government… There is a need for a significant move for democracy…”

HDP’s spokesperson Osman Baydemir also responded to a question on whether they, as HDP’s representatives, will attend the march or not by saying: “In principle, we are with those who demand and desire democracy, freedom, equality, and justice, regardless of who they are... We call on people to not refrain from being side to side (in Justice March). We want for people to not have worries about being labeled by the government or Erdoğan...”

Earlier last week, HDP’s Mardin MP Mithat Sancar had also expressed support for the Justice March, saying: “We full heartedly extend our greeting to those honorable people who are resisting fascism. Those who are marching today despite their mistakes in the past are doing the right thing. As HDP, we are ready to do what we need to…”


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